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Most people have the hard (also known as technical) skills to perform their job effectively. What sets top candidates apart is your soft skills, or professional skills. These skills — like creativity, emotional intelligence and collaboration — are highly-valued by employers.

From leading meetings and giving presentations, to sending more effective emails and collaborating well with others, the Professional Skills For Everyone series empowers you with practical skills you can use in your job right away. 


Learn new skills today. Put them into action tomorrow.

Professional Skills For Everyone consists of nine certificates, with courses covering the most impactful professional skills. Take the courses you want, when you want — then put your new skills to use in your job right away, and earn badges to level up your resume.

Decision Making

Learn how to save time, prevent mistakes and position yourself for leadership roles with smarter decision making skills.


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Create and implement strategies for managing time and stress, and for increasing positive thinking and thriving.


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Learn how to give a presentation utilizing public speaking skills, plan a meeting to discuss a difficult challenge and more.


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Digital Intelligence

Learn how to effectively communicate ideas and emotions in digital spaces, how to leverage digital tools for creativity and more.


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Feedback and Coaching

Learn to build coaching relationships with those above and below you in the workplace and to think up and communicate feedback without bias.


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Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking brings you closer to your intended outcomes. Discover what's possible, get information and perspectives on those possibilities.


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Workplace Culture

In this specialization, you'll learn to lead by example, use appropriate digital communication, eliminate bias and show empathy in the workplace.


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In this Collaboration specialization, learn to respond to problems, share ideas, develop habits of positivity and make productive decisions.


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Conflict Management

In this specialization, you'll learn to discover conflict modes and types, choose approaches to resolution and find the best outcome for all parties.


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Interactive Design

Workshop your skills with guided exercises.



Actionable Skills

Practice real-work scenarios, and put your new skills to work in your own job right away.



On Your Schedule

Courses are designed to be accessible to working adults. Learn on any device, at any time and place.



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ASU CareerCatalyst partners with major employers to design and deliver world-class learning solutions. CareerCatalyst's professional skills programs can increase engagement, creativity, and productivity for learners at every career stage.

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