How to Consult with the Law: Courts Need Your Science & Technology Expertise

Become an Expert Witness and Use Your Scientific Expertise in the Courtroom

If you're interested in a career as an expert witness consultant, our program is the perfect opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills you need to succeed. Our course is designed to teach you about the legal system and your role in helping it acquire, evaluate, and rely on sound evidence.

As an expert witness consultant, you'll play a crucial role in assisting lawyers, judges, and juries in understanding complex scientific, technical, or specialized information. Our program will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the legal process, as well as the practical skills you need to be an effective consultant in a variety of legal contexts.

Throughout the program, you'll learn how to effectively communicate your findings and opinions, develop persuasive arguments, and navigate the challenges of cross-examination. You'll also gain a thorough understanding of the ethical considerations involved in providing expert testimony.

By the end of the program, you'll have the confidence and expertise you need to succeed as an expert witness consultant and make a meaningful contribution to the legal system.

Make a difference while increasing your earning potential.

Earn valuable industry-recognized credentials
Courses count toward continuing education credits for science and engineering licensing, as well as credentialing in Expert Legal Consulting.

Earn more as an expert witness and scientific consultant
Supplement your income advising civil and criminal cases or transition into a well-paid career as a scientific legal expert.

Improve and support the practice of law
Effect systemic change in law and policy by helping judges and juries to better evaluate and determine the validity of evidence. 

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